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animalsOrthahealth enhances health and quality of life of animals by a patented biologically active absorble form of Silicon. Silicon increases defenses in animals by activating the immune system and improves wound healing. Clearox by Huwa-San is applicable for ecological disinfection. Did you know that competitive products take up to 10 minutes to kill bacteria and viruses? By harnessing the unique power of hydrogen peroxide, Clearox by Huwa-San delivers the fastest contact times to kill bacteria and viruses within 30 seconds – significantly faster than other products on the market today.

What does Huwa-San disinfection do?

Huwa-San disinfection is a very safe and effective method for removing the risk of most parasites, bacteria, fungi and viruses and can be used for infection control, algae growth prevention and biofilm removal as well as for conditioning rinsing and washing waters. Using Huwa San to provide a sterile drinking-water supply to animals encourages growth, reduces stress and allows the development of healthy animals. Sterile water also allows vitamins and medicines to be delivered easily, and ensures that there is no possibility of ingress for pathogens and viruses that could increase mortality.


Where can our products be used?

The findings give cause for a new step in disinfecting: with the lowest possible dosage the highest possible effectiveness.

  • The standard Clearox by Huwa-San is based on 35% hydrogen peroxide – we can produce any dilution between 0,5 and 35% upon requested.
  • Is entirely comprised of food safe ingredients.
  • Has a broad-spectrum anti-microbial activity, highly effective against bacteria, (gram positive and gram negative).
  • It is also a virucide, effective against fungi, yeast and moulds and even kills bacterial spores.
  • At user dosage it is non-mutagenic, non-carcinogenic, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-tainting, non-volatile.

  • It has no smell, taste or colour. Has extended action (residual effect).
  • Highly effective against biofilm.
  • Is effective even in the presence of organic matter.
  • Micro-organisms cannot develop a resistance against Clearox by Huwa-San.
  • Unaffected by pH levels and temperatures up to 90°C.
  • Retains its stability when exposed to light.
  • Does not taint food when used at manufacturers recommended concentrations.



Disinfection in Fish farms, Shrimp farms, Mussel and Oyster farms, fish & shellfish etc.

Fields of Application:

  • Water treatment

  • Ponds, pools, channels
  • Containers
  • Surfaces (floors, walls, ceilings)
  • Equipment, machines, tools
  • Conveying systems (feed) 

  • Catching devices
  • Surfaces (floors, walls, ceilings)
  • Conveying equipment, sorting plants
  • Equipment, machines, tools, knives
  • Transport containers, trucks, ramps 

  • Surfaces (floors, walls, ceilings)
  • Storage devices
  • Equipment, machines, tools
  • Transport containers, trucks, ramps 

  • Ice

  • Ventilation shafts
  • Air washing devices
  • Air conditioning systems 



Disinfection in breeding sheds such as poultry, cattle, pigs, sheep, rabbits, etc.

Fields of Application:

  • Drinking water treatment
  • Process water treatment 

  • Surfaces (floors, walls, ceilings)
  • Food and drinking containers
  • Egg disinfection (poultry), incubators
  • Milking installations, udder disinfection
  • Equipment, machines, tools
  • Transport containers and vehicles
  • Treatment for the prevention of footrot
  • Foot bath 

  • Surfaces
  • Transport vehicles eg: lorries / vans etc.
  • Ramps  

  • Air washing devices
  • Air conditioning systems 
  • Ventilation shafts 


Clearox by Huwa-San

Clearox by Huwa-San can be used for: Disinfection in Fish farms, processing of fish, milk processing industry, disinfection in breeding sheds such as poultry, cattle, sheep, rabbits, etc. At user dosage it is non-mutagenic, non-carcinogenic, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-tainting, non-volatile. It has no smell, taste or colour. Has a pro-elongated effect (residual effect).

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Silicon increases defenses in animals by activating the immune system. In rats, chickens, calves and horses, several studies show that silicon deficiency causes bone and cartilage defects. Especially collagen is reduced and the calcification decreases. Horses are less prone to injuries after silicon supplementation. Also, wound healing is improved by additional silicon.

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