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Moreco products for horti/agriculture
Contains an unique 100% bio-available form of silica
Increases crop yield
Reduces abiotic stress
Develops immunity in plants
Increases shelf-life of fruits and vegetables

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Huwa-San products are ecological disinfectants
Specific for Agriculture, Veterinary industry, Food industry,
Swimming pools and even for (drinking) water disinfecting.

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Welcome at MORECO « a miracle of science »

Moreco is a Belgian company, which is specialized in producing and developing of Bio-Revolutionary products for humans, Animals and Agriculture with the principle 1 World 1 Health!

Our products are developed by Professor Emeritus Dirk Vanden Berghe well known for the invention of the O.S.A (Acid Ortho Silicate) holder of several international patents and more than 250 peer reviewed.

MORECO started the commercialization of these products from Casablanca of Morocco, which is a very conscious choice.

MORECO is a company with significant relevance for agricultural ecology, the environment, livestock and people. Not one firm or industry is the same, each with its unique operating procedures or with product types demanding a uniquely specific focus. MORECO’s strength is that it does not adjust your environment to fit our procedures but that it adjusts its procedures to fit your needs.

MORECO is about more than selling products. We add value by working towards solutions in your industry whereby our flexibility, quality, expertise and experience match your needs. One big advantage MORECO has over its colleagues is that we retain control of all products for which we hold unique global patents.

Applications for:



An unique biological full absorble form of Orthosilicic acid, which results in bigger yields, improves taste and all-round healthier food. Also available for biological disease control.



Des Animaux

Enhances health and quality of life of animals by a patented biologically active absorble form of Silicon. Also applicable for ecological disinfection.



Les humains

For a younger, healthier, more vital and fitter you by biologically active Silicon. Also available in combination with Maca, L- arginine, Hyaluron acid, Collagen…


General Purposes

Fins générales

Ecological disinfection by hydrogen peroxide for: Humans, Animals, Agriculture and Industries. 


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Moreco produces and distributes products with a patented biologically active absorble form of Silicon for humans, animals and horti/agriculture products. We also provide ecological desinfection by hydrogen peroxide for water purification and biological disease control for agriculture and industries.

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Silicon is a forgotten mineral, essential to the human body, animals and plants.

Silicon is a forgotten mineral, essential to the human body, animals and plants. Our diet has changed over the years. We used to eat mainly plants, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, marrow, gristle, skin, and bony fish, which are all rich in silicon. Nowadays the mineral silicon can still be found in cereals such as millet and oat, but by no means in sufficient quantities. Intensive farming has caused OSA to disappear from virtually all soils and groundwater. 

What Silicon can do for you

Silicon is the most common mineral on earth and, after oxygen, it is the most commonly used building block of mother earth. Until recently silicon was not considered an important nutrient, because only small quantities of it can be found in the body. Thanks to our (10) years of new research and testing in people, animals and plants, we have recently found that these small quantities have a very important function in the body. Precisely these nano amounts of silicon are present everywhere in the body and in plants, and are essential to maintaining good health, an active life and an attractive appearance.

It is quite difficult to absorb the mineral silicon from food, because silicon compounds consist of long chains. However, a special form can be absorbed by our bodies, being ortho silicic acid. But due to intensive farming, OSA has disappeared from virtually all soils and groundwater.

There is hope! In the past 10 years, much work has been done to develop a new method that helps to preserve OSA, allowing us to consume it. We call this the so-called stabilised OSA, which is biologically highly active and is virtually directly absorbed by your body. Initially tests were performed in plants and fruit trees, and the results were spectacular! The plants get stronger, crops have higher yields and the fruit is juicier, has a better taste and a longer shelf life.

Both people, animals and plants need silicon; it is the mineral that enables us to age healthily, actively and gracefully. All these substances are great supplements to our daily diet and support our bones, joints, heart and blood vessels and the growth of skin, hair and nails. Depending on cell production and growth, the use of MAVITA,will be effective from the age of 7.

Under the name MAVITA, MORECO offers a patented, biologically active silicon that is optimally absorbed by our bodies. It contains a secret mixture of stable extremely small silicon chains that need to be dissolved in water or fruit juice to be converted into the excellently absorbable silicon: OSA that can be absorbed by our bodies. Taking it is very simple: before breakfast, put 8 to 10 drops in a glass of water of fruit juice and drink it.

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