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Moreco products

Moreco produces and distributes products with a patented biologically active absorble form of Silicon for humans, animals and horti/agriculture products. We also provide ecological desinfection by hydrogen peroxide for water purification and biological disease control for agriculture and industries.

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Mavita Health supports the immune system

Mavita Health is a unique mineral complex composed of ten essential natural spore- and macro elements. The most essential mineral of this is silicon. Every human being will get, despite a balanced and healthy nutrition, a lack of certain minerals as one gets older. This is caused by the fact the European soil does not contain enough spore elements.

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Nutrition and Hair: Deficiencies and Supplements

Hair follicle cells have a high turnover. Their active metabolism requires a good supply of nutrients and energy. A caloric deprivation or deficiency of several components, such as proteins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and vitamins, caused by inborn errors or reduced uptake can lead to structural abnormalities, pigmentation changes, or hair loss, although exact data are often lacking. Combined deficiencies are not uncommon, especially in malnutrition.

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The importance of silicon

While the importance of (Si) in agriculture is poorly accepted, it will be when the consequences of adding (Si) to the soil are properly understood! In the past everyone thought that (Si) was not needed except as an ordinary constituent of the soil. Now it is slowly being accepted as an important beneficial element inside plants for their proper functioning.

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Foliar nutrition of crops: Facts, Myths and Perspectives

Dr Victoria Fernández, from the Forest Genetics and Eco-physiology Research Group, School of Forest Engineering at the Technical University of Madrid, has the story for New Age International. She tackles the answers to some of these questions in scientific and applied terms, stressing the great market potential and usefulness of foliar nutrient sprays as a more target-oriented, sustainable and environmentally-friendly complementary fertilisation method.

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Impact of agriculture on the Si biogeochemical cycle

We present here new evidence that the exportation of straw can lead to the depletion of the soil phytoliths pool in 10 years. In order to maintain the current levels of Si in crops, the contribution of other soil silicates such as clay minerals to the phytoavailable silica pool may become a key parameter, when straw is exported.

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OSA bioavailability cross-over study

The absorption and urinary excretion of Si from stabilized orthosilicic acid (OSA), standardized herbal silica extract from the Si-accumulator plant Equisetum arvense, and colloidal silicic acid were compared in a double-blind study with healthy subjects.

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