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bioxeco-beeldmerkBased on more than 30 years of research, analysis and reports, BioXeco is a scientifically proven highly efficient biodegradable disinfectant. These BioXeco products are ecological disinfectants based on activated and stabilised hydrogen peroxide.

What does our product do?

BioXeco products are ecological disinfectants based on activated and stabilised hydrogen peroxide.

The unique way of activating and stabilizing is proven highly effective, f.i. in legionella control and removal of biofilm. BioXeco is a safe, odorless, alcohol free and ecofriendly disinfectant solution for applications in; Agriculture, Veterinary industry, Food industry, Public and private swimming pools and even for (drinking) water disinfecting.

Thanks to its other unique characteristics; fully biodegradable, non-residual, colourless, effective uptill 90°C, storage life of 2 years in sealed packages….

BioXeco products bring unique advantages in lots of application areas.

Below you can see all our products listed for Medical Disinfection. 


BioXeco Hand

Disinfection for the Hands

Hand disinfection is known to be essential in preventing Healthcare associated infections. Studies has shown infection rates can be reduced by 50% BioXeco Hand is your ideal partner is achieving high standards of hand hygiene. It has all the benefits of the reference hand disinfection solutions based on isopropanol, without the side-effects.



  • Kills 98% of the bacteria
  • No fixation of organic material on hands

Easy to use: delivered in ready-to-use spray or refill for hand sanitarian units.

Safety: non-flammable.

User-friendly: soft hands without irritation and no pungent odor (alcohol free).

Available in 100ml, 1L


BioXeco 25S

Disinfection for surfaces

Healthcare workers may contaminate their hands and/or gloves by touching contaminated environmental surfaces. This can result in transmission to patients.



BioXeco 25S can reduce the risk of cross-contamination through:

Efficiency: wide antimicrobial spectrum.

Productivity: short contact times and easy to dilute in water.

User-friendly: no plungent odour and non-toxic product. No risk of forming any harmful by-products (chlorine free).

Compatibility: no corrosion to metallic surfaces and no deterioration of rubber and plastic.

Superiority: unique biofilm removal properties.

Available in 5L


BioXeco DW

Water disinfection

Water systems provide a suitable environment for microbial growth and biofilm formation. Bacteria living in biofilm are highly resistant to surfactants, biocides and antibiotics and are a permanent health risk. (e.g. Legionella). BioXeco Water removes the source (biofilm) of contamination and also keeps the water clean and disinfected.




  • Biofilm removal (shock theatment).
  • Full spectrum of efficiency even at low concentration (constant dosing).

Eco-friendly: biodegradable into water and oxygen.

Safety: no harmful disinfection by-products (chlorine free).

Productivity: easy to apply with conventional dosing systems.

User-friendly: odorless and non-toxic product.

Compatibility: no corrosion to installations.

Available in 5L


BioXeco FOG

Disinfection for Rooms of Patients

BioXeco 3DF in combination with BioXeco FOG liquid offers a mobile decontamination system. Decontamination is achieved by fogging of the liquid. Studies have indicated that the patients environment can be a permanent threat for infections.


BioXeco 3DF ensures patient safety through:

Efficiency: fast disinfection of isolated roms up to 500m3.

Efficacy: log 7 reductions for a broad spectrum of microorganisms (eg. MRSA, VRE, Clostridium, …).

Flexibility: choice between curative and preventative treatment.

Validation: real-time monitoring and validation report of every disinfection cycle.

Biodegradable: non-toxic and biodegradable into water and oxygen.

Available in 5L


BioXeco 3DF in combination with BioXeco FOG liquid

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