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Moreco products

Moreco produces and distributes products with a patented biologically active absorble form of Silicon for humans, animals and horti/agriculture products. We also provide ecological desinfection by hydrogen peroxide for water purification and biological disease control for agriculture and industries.


Mavita Productline

All of us need Silica, regardless of our age. It is as important to provide the body dietary sources of Silica early in life as it is during the aging process when Silica levels in tissue usually drop off steeply. Silica has an exact absolute influence on absorption of all minerals that the body requires to maintain health. It adds to the quality of life!

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Orthagrow Productline

Powered by the goodness of its bio-active ingredients, Orthagrow reduces abiotic stresses and also acts as a stimulant improving germination in water stress & salt stress conditions.

Crops that grow with Orthagrow vaccination develop higher percentage of Chlorophyll in their system. This means superior bio synthesis which leads to increased foliage, flowering & fruit setting. Increased shelf life due to lesser water loss in fruits & vegetables are the added advantages.

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OrthaFight Productline

Prevents and kills fungus. A unique first-ever formulation with the dual benefit of enhancing required nutrition to the plant and strengthening against fungal pathogens.

Moreco’s OrthaFight productline is non-toxic, 100% soluble in water its bio-active nature ensures rapid absorption into the plant system and improves vigour and healthy growth. 

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Clearox by Huwa-San

Clearox by Huwa-San can be used for: Disinfection in Fish farms, processing of fish, milk processing industry, disinfection in breeding sheds such as poultry, cattle, sheep, rabbits, etc. At user dosage it is non-mutagenic, non-carcinogenic, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-tainting, non-volatile. It has no smell, taste or colour. Has a pro-elongated effect (residual effect).

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Orthahealth Productline

Orthahealth: Silicon increases defenses in animals by activating the immune system. In rats, chickens, calves and horses, several studies show that silicon deficiency causes bone and cartilage defects. Especially collagen is reduced and the calcification decreases. Horses are less prone to injuries after silicon supplementation. Also, wound healing is improved by additional silicon.

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Huwa-San Productline

Huwa-San is the new generation of biodegradable disinfection. The Huwa-San products are ecological disinfectants based on activated and stabilised hydrogen peroxide. The unique way of activating and stabilising is proven highly effective, f.i. in legionella control and removal of biofilm.

Huwa-San is a safe, odourless, alcohol-free and eco-friendly disinfectant solution for applications in; Agriculture, Veterinary industry, Food industry, Public and private swimming pools and even for (drinking) water disinfecting.

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BioXeco Productline

Based on more than 30 years of research, analysis and reports, BioXeco is a scientifically proven highly efficient biodegradable disinfectant. These BioXeco products are ecological disinfectants based on activated and stabilised hydrogen peroxide.

BioXeco is a safe, odourless, alcohol-free and eco-friendly solution for Medical Disinfection.

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