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The importance of silicon


Interview with Prof. Dirk Van den Berghe

Silicon: The missing element
While the importance of (Si) in agriculture is poorly accepted, it will be when the consequences of adding (Si) to the soil are properly understood! In the past everyone thought that (Si) was not needed except as an ordinary constituent of the soil. Now it is slowly being accepted as an important beneficial element inside plants for their proper functioning.

Silicon (Si) is the second most abundant element on the surface of the earth and surrounds us in the form of sand, building bricks, glass etc. It is present everywhere in the soil and water. Through acidification by carbonic acid and organic acids produced by soil micro-organisms and plant roots, Silicates present in the soil are slowly attached to liberate OSA (Ortho-Silicic Acid) – Si(OH)4. OSA is soluble in water and is usually present in the soil in very low concentrations. Silicic acid consists of a very small molecule and is biologically active only in the form of OSA. This is taken up by plants in very low concentrations but at concentrations that have a very important effect on plant growth (and animal health). Living organisms need OSA, not silicates.

The importance Of Silicon
The importance Of Silicon
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